How to wear your suit

FIGURE two piece posing suit (for categories such as Female Body Building, Fitness, Shape, Body Fitness) 
The bottom of the suit should sit high on the hips, where the waist is at its slimmest.
The bra laces should be crossed on your back once or twice. It is better to cross bra laces twice for the best breast support. Bra laces will be put inside their loops on the bottom of the suit. Tie a knot with them. You may cut the extra length of the bra laces if they are too long. Hide loops and knots inside the bottom of the suit. Also cut the extra length of the other bra laces after tying the knot behind your neck.
Instead of crossing bra laces on your back you can tie them in knots on your sides, then secure them with bra hooks – available upon request. Bra hooks are applied to bra laces and then hooked to the bottom hooks. This latter solution is “tidier” and maybe more comfortable. I recommend the first solution because you can easily control how high the bottom of the suit sits. On the contrary, are the hooks not be properly set, or they may loosen, or you can loose body weight during your pre-contest and the posing suit doesn’t sit high on the hips and could possibly slip off. The sides of the bottoms of your suit should be pulled high on the hip to elongate the look of your legs. The more your legs look elongated, the more your V-shape is enhanced. Feel free to request hooks. They are complimentary. I will not attach them so you can adjust to your own measurements. I do recommend going to the weigh-in with the posing suit properly worn. If it is not properly tied and put on, it will slip off and downwards. This is why the fabric is elastic. Judges may think your posing suit is not regular – namely, it is too tiny – and have you change it.
It's also recommended to use the Bikini Bite to fix the suit on the back of the bottom and the hips.
Read carefully the size chart before ordering your posing suit. If you are unsure of your size, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I happy to help you choose your perfect posing suit. 
The best style for a Bikini posing suit is a pucker bikini – also called tie-side pucker back bikini, full tie pucker bikini or scrunchie/scrunchy butt bikini. Wear it like you would wear it on the beach. The waist should sit low. It is not mandatory to cross laces on your back. If you prefer a regular bikini, go for it. Just let the waist sits lower and do not tie laces to the bottoms.
If you are flat-chested or have a small bust – A or B cups – it is advisable a padded triangle top. Push up pads are recommended also for bigger top sizes anyway, cause they usually give a better fit on the triangle top.  You'll have ti put hem inside a pocket on the back of the top and you can adjust to your suits without creases or flaws.
When choosing your top, look carefully your bust. If you are big-busted, a small cup top will not enhance your physique. Should you be big-busted, choose a padded triangle top in a bigger size than your usual.
This is a guideline to choosing your right posing suits in order to really make a difference to your silhouette thanks to your posing suits. If you are not sure about the best size, style or color for you, feel free to ask me advice